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    برامج ترجمة مباشرة للنصوص والمستندات من والى اللغة الروسية

    Direction of translationEnglish-Russian, Russian-EnglishGerman-Russian, Russian-GermanFrench-Russian, Russian-FrenchSpanish-Russian, Russian-SpanishItalian-Russian

    PROMT Expert 8.5 Giant + PROMT 4U 8.5 Giant


    A collection of specialized dictionaries PROMT 8 DVD5

    Year: 2009

    Version: 8.5 build 8.0.528

    Developer: PROMT

    Platform: Windows

    Compatibility with Vista: complete

    Language: English + Russian

    Medicine: Present

    System requirements

    Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 (or higher); Windows XP Service Pack 2; Windows Vista

    IBM PC-compatible computer with Pentium 500 MHz or higher

    64 MB of RAM;

    Monitor and video card SVGA or better resolution

    device for reading CDs CD-ROM - for installation

    "Mouse" or compatible pointing device

    A .NET Framework 3.0 - installed with the product

    PROMT Expert 8.5 Giant - powerful system for professional translation of documents. Integrates with the professional system of Translation Memory SDL TRADOS 2007 and is incorporated in MS Office 2003 -2007, the popular web-browsers Internet Explorer and FireFox, email, PDF-documents and ICQ. A complete set of expert-level settings make this product an indispensable solution for the transfer of documents in an industrial scale. The new version offers a powerful tool for automatic translation of documents in various formats, e-mail, Web-sites, presentations in format Microsoft PowerPoint. When translating completely preserved the formatting of the original document. Wide range of settings, including the connection of online dictionaries, you can translate even complex specialized texts

    Extras. info

    Direction of translation

    English-Russian, Russian-English

    German-Russian, Russian-German

    French-Russian, Russian-French

    Spanish-Russian, Russian-Spanish


    The collection of dictionaries "Giant" contains a dictionary of all the collections 133 dictionaries, over 5,000,000 words and


    كود PHP:

    SMS (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Aviation (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Automobile (English-Russian and Russian-English, German-Russian)
    Aerospace (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Bank (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Biology (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Home Appliances (English-Russian)
    Military (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Mining and Technology (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Wood (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Oil and gas production (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Documentation for Microsoft .NET (English-Russian)
    Documentation for SQL Server (English-Russian)
    Train (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Online (English-Russian and Russian-English, German-Russian and Russian-German, French-Russian and Russian-French, Spanish, Russian)
    Information (Lite) (English-Russian)
    Computer Science and Engineering (English-Russian and Russian-English, German-Russian)
    Cable industry (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Film and media (English-Russian)
    Commerce (all directions)
    Contracts (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Cosmetic industry (English-Russian)
    Cooking (English-Russian, French-Russian and Russian-French)
    Logistics (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Mathematics (English-Russian and Russian-English, French-Russian)
    Mechanical Engineering (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Medicine (English-Russian and Russian-English, German-Russian and Russian-it)
    Management (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Metallurgy (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Microelectronics (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Offshore (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Music (English-Russian)
    Fiber optic (English-Russian)
    Perfumes and cosmetics (English-French-Russian and Russian)
    Food and Beverage (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Printing and Publishing (English-Russian and Russian-it)
    Polytechnic (English-Russian and Russian-English, German, Russian, Italian, Russian)
    Policy (Spanish-rus), Travel (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Phrasebook (Russian-English)
    Religion (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Agriculture (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Sports (English-Russian, French-Russian and Russian-French)
    Insurance (English-Russian)
    Construction (English-Russian and Russian-English, German-Russian)
    Customs (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Textile Industry (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Television and Video (Russian-English)
    Telecommunications (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    The technology of oil production (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Physics (English-Russian and Russian-English), Finances (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Football (German-Russian and Russian-it, Spanish-Russian)
    Chemistry (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    School (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Ecology (English-Russian and Russian-English, French-Russian and Russian-French)
    Utilities (English-Russian and Russian-English)
    Legal (English-Russian and Russian-English, German-Russian and Russian-German, French-Russian and Russian-French)

    كود PHP:

    Internet is disabled!
    To install the program (from admin) - after installing the program does not open, in order to avoid spontaneous emission in the trial. Offer Register ignored by pressing later
    1. Set the program PROMT Expert 8.5 Giant
    2. Set the program PROMT 4U 8.5 Giant
    3. Set all the dictionaries from the disk file launcher
    .exe (take the serial number of the file .. \ PROMT Cracks \ PROMT DICS Serial.txt)
    It is important at the outset to select and use only one serial number for registration and for the subsequent activation of all the products PROMT.
    4. Run Register.exe folder PROMT Cracks - it is in the archive "PROMT.v8.5.Try-Buy.all.versions.READNFO_CRK-FFF.zip"
    We register and activate manually PROMT Expert 8.5 Giant Try-Buy and PROMT 4U 8.5 Giant Try-Buy, dictionaries Dictionaries Set register is not necessary.
    License rooms and product activation take from the same file - PROMT DICS Serial.txt.
    Installation of additional dictionaries separately:
    1. Run "KeyGen_Dictionary_Collection_8.exe" and show him Dicts folder and you're away; The collection and keys.
    2. Run the TDAttach.exe, enter the key for the desired dictionary and put it.
    And so for each vocabulary that you choose.
    If you put a lot of dictionaries, it is easier to find a collection of key vocabulary "Giant (GIAN)", and take the key from him.
    With this option you can install all the dictionaries at once.





    وهنا نفس المترجم متعدد اللغات


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