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  • ثلاثة قواميس بواحد Oxford Superlex 3in1 English - French, German, Spanish Dictionary

    برنامج قاموس ثلاثة بواحد انجليزي - فرنسي, اسباني, الماني.

    Oxford Superlex 3 in 1 English - French, German, Spanish Dictionary

    Oxford Superlex - 3 in 1 Dictionary

    For 16 - 32 bit Windows OS ONLY


    Oxford - English ~ Spanish

    Hachette - English ~ French

    Duden - English ~ German

    This is an excellent program.

    There are many, many people with 64 bit architecture PCs

    who choose to install 32 bit versions of Windows

    so that they may continue to use this great tool.

    Install Notes:

    You may first want to run the 'Check Compatibility' option in Windows

    Run Setup - 259 KB application

    Select the 'version' you wish to install - Simply the default user interface language

    Program Group and Icons > Continue

    Setup Options > Complete Setup

    Where do you wish to install the files ? > C:\BILING - DO NOT change this default

    Do you wish to install the 'Word Link' to Microsoft Word ? > NO

    Run the program and configure it in File > Preferences

    If you have problems with the installation PLEASE ask for assistance.

    To 'prove' it works, here is a screen of an installation I did a few days ago...

    x32 Bit System


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