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    Lenovo Y510p image recovery flash drive

    Year / Release Date: 2014

    Version: 8.1

    Developer: Lenovo / Microsoft

    Developer website: lenovo.com

    Bit depth: 64bit

    Language: Multilingual (Russian present)

    Tablet: Not required

    System requirements:

    Laptop Lenovo Y510p with ≥1 TB HDD (Windows refuses to recover to a smaller volume of vehicles than the one that made the image).

    USB flash drive 16 GB or more.

    A working computer or laptop with AOMEI Backupper (image created version 3.0, but it seems like there is backward compatibility).

    Description: The image of the flash recorded by the standard for Windows 8 how to create a recovery disk from the recovery partition recording.

    On the flash drive, you can boot up, and then restore the original (as prepared by the manufacturer) hard disk status, including the recovery partition

    Extras. Information: boot from the flash drive.

    The standard Windows 8.1 recovery menu, through it is possible to restore the factory state of the system.

    When you restore the information c hard disk will be deleted, and the hard disk repartitioned.

    Filename : Lenovo Y510p Recovery Flash Disk.adi
    : 2d04a9f8706b40e6fc4c5e3e2c1d2df3
    : 41dfe8d3deb7875b8cde9e9117d41ba19f9ca247
    : 455b032f
    -256 : 4410d9767cf89f65304f012b0da31a0d844df0b6795a1b818b f3d4c9efa99d82
    -512 : 2066b171464535081376e0436574a7616f2c87835799008c82 34c794c16235c27a89f50a5dfbdee13e5bf775bb6739fc8401 7aaecce951d91bbdadb1f72e2f2d
    -384 : 199b11239751dbfe7e03288dd68df2d3a248ccf939efa694c8 7e65e258f83177cbba09a0183431cdf020c52de3c445d3

    9.8 GB

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