Beauty Retouch CC 2.1 for PS Win/Mac

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    Beauty Retouch CC 2.1 for PS Win/Mac

    Basic retouch is about retouching areas of your image that need some repairing or fixing some parts of the background, skin or face. For example, you can remove spots that are distracting. Using frequency separation, you can dig deeper and correct tonality problems and make precise skin repairs.

    Fine Retouch
    The Fine Retouch module contains 4 sections (Skin, Eyes, Mouth and Hair). Each section contains several retouching techniques like Dodge & Burn, Skin Soften, Highlight Eyes, Soft Lips, Adjust Hair Color and many more. Every technique creates layers in Photoshop that you can edit or customize in a non-destructive way.

    Skin soften, Dodge and burn (gray), Dodge and burn (curves), Skin tone (red remover), Skin tone (brown), Highlight Eyes, Eye color, Add Makeup, Whiten teeth, Soft lips, Glossy lips, Hair volume, Adjust hair color and Paint hair.

    Photoshop CC 2014 - CC 2019


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