HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 6.0

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    برنامج عمل الصور HDR عن طريق دمج عدة صور تم التقاطها بمستويات مختلفة مع ميزة المحاذاة التلقائية للصور وازالة الضوضاء والتشويش والضباب من الصور

    HDRsoft Photomatix Pro 6.0

    Photomatix Pro merges photographs taken at varying exposure levels into a single HDR image that reveals both highlight and shadow details, with options for automatically aligning handheld photographs, removing ghosts, and reducing noise and chromatic aberrations. Merged images can then be adjusted by a range of options and settings to get the look that users want – from naturallooking results using exposure fusion to painterly, surreal or ultrarealistic images using the tone mapping mode.

    Merge to HDR, Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion

    Automatic Alignment of handheld photos

    Automatic Ghost Removal and Selective Deghosting tool

    Options for real estate photography

    Automation with Batch Processing





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