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    Macrorit Disk Scanner 4.3.0 + Portable

    Macrorit Disk Scanner 4.3.0 + Portable

    Macrorit Disk Scanner 4.3.0 (All Editions) + Portable | 17.3 Mb

    Macrorit Disk Scanner is a smart bad sector scanning software that can help you quickly test the disk and mark the location of bad sectors. Hard disk "bad sectors" is the most common problems of the hard disk. Bad sectors are little clusters of data on your hard disk that cannot be read. Hard disks with bad sectors means the disk is not safe to store data; it will eventually lead to the important data loss of the hard disk or partition as well as errors with running files and the hard disk speed will slow down significantly and blue screen errors may also occurs.

    The ultimate solution for multiple disks scanning, Scanner Scans all disks at the same time

    NEW Scan All Disks at the Same Time

    NEW Allow for commercial use

    NEW Log report for all Disks

    Operating System:

    Supports Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

    [Unlimited Edition] Windows SBS 2012/2011/2008/2003

    [Unlimited Edition] Supports Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003 (32-bit and 64-bit)




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