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    Deskman 6.0.6532.41690

    Deskman advanced System Security Administration. Deskman is not an online service. The software is installed on your computer, and only you, the user, have access to it. As such, we do not collect data. Deskman helps you block applications, filter websites and protect Windows computers from tampering.

    Why Deskman?

    Make your life easier

    Lock down desktops the way you want

    Reduce support and security issues

    Protect one system or one thousand

    Sync restrictions over your network automatically

    Set up workstations from any point


    Windows Lockdown

    Block unwanted software

    Allow only specific websites

    Disable ctrl-alt-del, block settings, disable drives…

    Custom Start Menu

    Build your own safe Start Menu

    Allow only a list of applications

    For administrators

    No time to waste

    Deskman is easy to use and fast to deploy

    Everything included, no special requirements

    You are in control

    Start maintenance mode when needed

    Keep track of changes and allow guest access

    System requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

    Hardware: 70MB available hard disk space

    Web Browser:



    Microsoft Edge

    Internet Explorer 11