برنامج حفظ التعريفات واسترجاعها Huntersoft My Drivers v5 1 Professional Edition

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    برنامج قديم ومعروف لحفظ التعريفات واسترجاعها على نمط برنامج درايفر جينوس الشهير بكامل ميزاته مثل تصدير التعريفات كملف تنفيذي EXE او ملفات مستقلة لكل تعريف بمجلد خاص به بالاضافة الى البحث عن التعريفات وتحديثها

    Huntersoft My Drivers v5 1 Professional Edition

    My Drivers v5.1 Professional Edition (C) Huntersoft
    Disks: 1 x 2,88mb Date: June 07, 2015

    OS: Windows Type: Serial

    Release Description:

    My Drivers enables easy and fast detection, backup and restore of all

    hardware device drivers currently on your system. Also, you can even

    find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your

    computer. With just one or two mouse button clicks, you will have all

    your hardware devices extracted and backed-up to any folder you want

    When you reinstall or upgrade your system, you can restore all drivers

    by clicking a button. Once after a reboot, all the drivers will be

    re-installed and will function well. You may also choose to backup a

    particular driver or all the drivers with an EXE automatic installer. If

    you have a particular item of hardware that is troublesome, just remove

    the driver with this software. It is especially useful to those who have

    lost their Driver Disk or Driver CD. My Drivers is able to clone the

    original driver installation. It is also capable of serving those people

    to find and install the appropriate and latest drivers for their

    hardware devices. My Drivers identifies almost all hardware devices

    reported information includes device model, device manufacturer

    chip/chipset manufacturer, OEM name, OEM vender. Over 58,600 drivers

    information and manufacturers and venders information are embedded with

    the software. You may easily find a driver that will work for a certain

    device by PnP ID fingerprint comparison, and a compatibility test will

    be performed before installing a driver that will be downloaded from the

    Internet. It is optional to create a floppy disc with My Drivers

    included for further driver management and hardware detection when no

    drivers are installed on Windows system. If you have a CD-R or CD-RW

    recorder or another partition, you might backup the entire set of driver

    files there. My Drivers will also backup the Favorites in Internet

    Explorer and Proxy Settings and provides a backup for settings for

    Outlook and Outlook Express



    Just unpack&install. Register with the serial in serial.txt




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