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    من أهم وأقوى برامج اعادة الهارد دسك الى حالة المصنع و تدمير البيانات والمعلومات الموجودة عليه بالكامل يستحيل بعد ذلك استعادتها بأي طريقة أو بأي برنامج من برامج استعادة البيانات


    Active@ KillDisk Professional 10.0.1

    Active@ KillDisk allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders

    Key Features

    New Linux platform, including GUI Boot Disk: Ultimate, Linux & Linux Suite – new packages!

    Parallel erasing/wiping of several disks at the same time

    Erase/wipe speed has been significantly increased

    Support for wiping Apple HFS+ & exFAT

    Erasing/Wiping Certificate can be saved as PDF

    Supports more than 20 security standards

    Detects and displays information about all partitions, hard disks and floppy drives currently connected to your computer

    Wipes out all floppies and hard disk drives completely by secure overwriting data on physical level using [One Pass Zeros] data destruction method

    Erases partitions, logical drives and even not used disk space

    Erasing report is created and can be saved as a file

    File systems (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc) on the drive do not matter, detected physical drive is erased using low-level disk access



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