برنامج جمع اكثر من اتصال انترنت بخط واحد iNetFusion 3.2.0

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    iNetFusion 3.2.0

    iNetFusion 3.2.0 -- 5.4 Mb

    iNetFusion+ is a simple to use application that allows you to improve your Internet speed and bandwidth by combining all the existent connections. The program can use all the available Internet connections for multithreaded downloads and browsing, allowing the websites or pages to load faster.

    Automatically combine all Internet threads

    iNetFusion+ facilitates your Internet browsing experience by improving the connection speed and quality. The application can automatically detect all the available connections the moment it opens and displays them in its interface.

    It can easily identify broadband ethernet, 3G, 4G, dialup and Wi-Fi, as well as other types of connections to the Internet. The threads are automatically combined, in order to provide a faster and more reliable connection.

    Moreover, the program analyzes each of the detected connections, indicating its strength and usage metering. It can calculate the quality for the individual threads, as well as the overall speed, in separate charts. Additionally, it measures the upload and download speeds, as well as the corresponding IP address for each connection.

    Quickly set network policies

    In the ‘Applications’ tab, iNetFusion+ displays all the processes that use either of the Internet connections. Host Process for Windows Services, for instance and Internet browsers are frequent occurrences on this list.

    You may set the network policy for each of the applications, from the individual drop down menu. The options include automatic socket, no connection, no fusion or one of the available threads. Thus, iNetFusion+ can manage these applications and assign them to separate sockets, in order to optimize the bandwidth usage.

    Advantages of assigning sockets

    iNetFusion+ allows you to use all the available Internet connections, in order to perform your tasks and improve the Web browsing experience. The program can check the attributes of the Internet connectivity before adding it to the Fusion.This does not imply filtering data through remote servers, such as VPNs, since all the load-balancing is performed from your computer



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