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    برنامج لتحليل الاتصالات بين المتصحفات والبرامج التي تتصل عبر البرتوكول HTTP

    HTTP Debugger Pro 8.0

    HTTP Debugger Pro 8x | 56 Mb

    If you need to view and analyze all of the HTTP traffic between a web browser or any program that uses the HTTP protocol and the web server, then HTTP Debugger is the program for you Web developers can view and analyze HTTP header parameter values, cookies, query strings, the source code of HTML/XML web pages and Java/VB scripts, error codes etc They can measure the size and downloading time of their web pages and identify web site performance bottlenecks

    You can improve your web programming skills by viewing and analyzing how other web sites work and how they implement certain features

    Software developers can view and analyze the HTTP traffic of their own or any third party software program and the Internet, irrespective of whether this program is a user mode application or works as a Windows NT Service

    System and network administrators can analyze the behavior of suspicious web sites and view what information programs have sent from your computer to their owners (for example, during a registration or update procedure)

    Want to see all browser http requests and server http responses? Need to analyze http headers and http content data? Try HTTP Debugger!

    Web developers locate and eliminate website errors analyzing http headers, query strings, cookies, redirections, authorization headers, POST parameters and error codesFor each web page analyze the number of produced http requests and responses, its size, downloading time and speed

    Software developers analyze all http requests sent by own programs (C#, Java, VB, C++, Delphi, etc) and server responses Analyze each http request and response produced by a web browser add-on, ActiveX component or Java applet

    System and network administrators analyze all outgoing http requests from your computers Analyze each http request/response header and content data to see what information is sent by programs to the Internet

    HTTP Debugger Pro Key Features

    Full support of both 32-Bit and 64-Bit applications

    Decoding of HTTPS/SSL connections and gzip/chunked content

    Support of Dial-up modem, DSL/ISDN/Cable/LAN connections

    Support of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome