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    برنامج لالتقاط صور متعددة من كاميرا الويب ومشاركاتها عبر الوسائط المتعددة والطباعة واختيار التصميم من مجوعة تصاميم يوفرها البرنامج

    DgFlick PhotoBooth Xpress PRO Multilingual

    Convert any PC to Photobooth. User Friendly Workflow. Multi pose capturing according to design. Ready Stripe Designs and sizes. Print, Share on mobile or social media Frame. Control booth activities. Hardware flexibility.

    User Administration


    Facility to set Printer and print style in advance.

    Feature to hide Print option where prints are not required.

    Social Sharing

    Set a common account to make social sharing faster.

    Show or hide social media Sharing option

    Data Collection

    Provide the facility of data collection if demanded by the event organizer.

    SMS Server

    Set design sharing on mobile through sms by connecting any sms service of your choice.

    Design selection

    Select designs in advance as per event order or you may also allow users to choose designs on the spot.

    Hardware Flexibility:

    Touch screen

    Touch screen ready software.


    Configure any camera (inbuilt or external).


    Convert any PC to Photobooth.


    Connect one or multiple printers to your photobooth.


    Output of designs in different formats depending on the further processing requirements.

    PhotoBooth Xpress PRO 1.0 Highlights:

    Ready Designing Material

    Design Creation & Modification

    Export to JPG / Print

    Share design on mobile / Social Media

    Data Collection

    Flexibility of choosing Camera device

    Flexibility of choosing Camera device




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