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    CodeAndWeb TexturePacker Pro 4.7.0 x86 x64

    Create sprite sheets and export them to the file format most suitable for your project with this straightforward software solution. The creation of sprite sheets or atlases require special software and TexturePacker has been designed for this specific purpose.

    Automatically downscale sprites for all devices

    Create high-resolution images only

    TexturePacker scales images

    Publish for all devices with a single click

    Prescaled images

    reduce runtime memory consumption

    increase the frame rate

    Automatically add all images:

    Drag and drop your complete asset folder into the Sprites Panel.

    Organize your sprites:

    Sort your sprites in folders, TexturePacker inherits your folder structure.

    Group animations and associated sprites:

    Flash animations appear as folders.

    Preserve the folder structure as part of the sprite names:

    TexturePacker uses sub-folder names as part of the final sprite name.

    Distribute sprites across multiple sheets:

    TexturePacker creates multiple image and data files if not all sprites could be packed into a single texture.

    Sort sprites to multiple texture atlases:

    Have different sprite sheets for different categories, e.g. background, characters, impact objects and so on.

    Use more animations and sprites:

    Make your animation run smoother.

    Save memory:

    Compress your sprite sheet and drastically reduce memory usage.

    Increase framerate

    x64 Bit System




    x32 Bit System