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    mHotspot Best WIFI Hotspot Creator


    Turn PC Into Virtual WiFi Hotspot With mHotSpot Creator

    Normally internet connections can be shared by home users by using ICS (internet Connection Sharing) or by making an Ad-hoc network to allow other devices to share a single connection. Other alternative methods require connecting multiple computers by using Ethernet cables connected to the modem. While you can use a Wi-Fi router for connecting an Android or Symbian phone to the internet, your router might not be able to support too many devices. MHotSpot is a portable application which simplifies the process of sharing your wireless network connection with other computers and devices such as Android, Symbian phones, printers and Tablet PC. MHotSpot does not have any complex settings and can share an available wireless network at your home or office.

    To get started, you will require sharing your WiFi connection from the Network and Sharing Center. To do that, access Wireless network connection settings from right-click context menu and click Status.

    توضيح بالصور لتفعيل الخدمة بثلاثة خطوات ولا يحتاج الى شرح اكثر


    Once done, click Properties and choose the Sharing tab. From here, click check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” option and select your wireless internet connection from the list. Click OK for the changes to take effect.


    Launch MHotSpot and click Start to begin sharing your wireless internet connection.

    ثم شغل البرنامج واضغط على زر Start

    This will allow you to connect multiple devices to your computer for using the internet. Your PC name will appear in the list of available wireless connections. You can connect multiple device to your PC and hence, create a wireless hotspot at home or office. Click the Stop button to stop the wireless connection.

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