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    Toon Boom Digital Pro v7.3.2.4250

    Year: 2009


    Developer: Toon Boom Animation Inc.

    Platform: Windows

    Compatibility with Vista: complete

    System requirements: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor (recommended)

    512 MB of Ram (m), 1 GB (recommended)

    400 MB of free disk space

    NVIDIA® video card fully supporting OpenGL with 128 MB of memory

    monitor with a resolution of 1280x1024

    graphics tablet (Wacom)

    Language: English

    Medicine: Present

    Description: Professional application for creating animation. Using the software, you can design animated characters to make their animation using inverse kinematics and morphing, add speech and lip movements combine characters with audio track, make compositing the final stage of project creation. The program has a special library where you can store sounds, effects, elements of animation templates for use in other projects. Another feature of the program - a three-dimensional space where characters can be placed on different "depths



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