برنامج تنظيف الكمبيوتر من بقايا تركيب وحذف البرامج Windows Cleaner Portable

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    برنامج تنظيف الكمبيوتر من بقايا تركيب وحذف البرامج ومن المعروف أن اغلب البرامج بعد حذفها تترك العديد من الملفات لا يطالها الحذف وبالاضافة الى ان البرنامج يقوم بعدة مهام لتحسين أداء الكمبيوتر وسرعة التجاوب

    Windows Cleaner Portable

    Windows Cleaner Portable 10.1 Mb

    Windows Cleaner is a system utility to clean your system of junk and optimizing performance. After installing various apps and programs their traces remain in the operating system and the registry that rank and degrade performance. This app will find all such files and unused items, and then remove them without harming other programs. As a result, the Windows system will be faster to boot, and the launch and processing of applications will improve dramatically, that will be immediately noticeable. The same applies to the Internet using any browser - after cleaning cluttering temporary files, log files, cookies and cache the impression that your web browser just flies



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