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    برنامج مفيد للأخوة مبرمجي ومطوري ومصممي مواقع الانترنت ويحتوي على محرر مع المعاينة الفورية للـ CSS ويوفر البرنامج امكانية معاينة التصميم على عدة متصفحات لمراقبة توافق التصميم او البرمجية مع عدة متصفحات مثل الفايرفوكس وكروم و وانترنت اكسبلورر والاصدارات القديمة للمتصفحات أيضا

    Skybound Stylizer 7.17.1104.61

    Everyone knows that the appearance of a website is one of the factors that brings a visitor back, alongside functionality and usage. There are plenty of tools out there that can help a designer build professional-looking websites with a style and a layout that appeal to users and one of them is suggestively named Stylizer.

    Guarantees cross-browser compatibility

    With its modern-looking interface and intuitive options, Stylizer aims to significantly enhance your productivity and avoid manual CSS editing, which is both time-consuming and frustrating.

    This application can help you identify and solve CSS-related issues, providing preview functionality for multiple navigators (Chrome and different versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer) to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

    Make code changes and instantly preview the result

    Aside from a stylish look, what this CSS editor brings to the table goes beyond the standard feature set of a similar application. To begin with, all the changes you make to the source code are immediately shown in the preview pane, which means you get instant feedback for any modification you make.

    Interacting with CSS elements is much easier thanks to Stylizer. Allowing drag and drop actions, it enables you to determine how each items fits in the layout of your website and make changes while staying in control.

    Online CSS editing and a generous palette of tools

    Among the other tools that you can make use of is the 'bullseye' (helps you point to the desired element from a webpage), the 'stakeout' function (highlights items targeted by a CSS rule), a color picker and other color editing tools, CSS filters, a ruler and a magnifying lens to help you take care of fine details.

    Furthermore, the editor allows online CSS editing, which means that it can help you edit style sheets of an existing website by automatically extracting elements from the loaded webpage and saving the output to your hard drive or a FTP server.

    A promising, modern-looking CSS editor

    Stylizer is a professional CSS editor with a lot more to discover. Used it at its full potential, it can become a real asset in the right hands.

    It intelligently handles repetitive tasks, saving you time and improving your workflow. Thanks to its rich feature set, it enables designers to build websites that are perfect to the last pixel.