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    برنامج الحذف النهائي للملفات بحيث لا يمكن اعادتها بأي طريقة كانت ولا بحال من الأحوال ( بحسب الشركة طبعا ) وذلك عبرة كتابة بيانات مختلفة فوق البيانات السابقة ليصبح من المستحيل اعادتها ولا حتى بأكثر البرامج والطرق المتخصصة ويمكنك اختيار مستويات الآمان للحذف والتدمير النهائي للبيانات والملفات

    Cyrobo Secure File Deleter Pro 5.10 Multilingual

    This tool will permanently wipe the contents of deleted files so that nobody would be able to recover them, even with the use of special tools. The contents of deleted files will be overwritten using random data. You can choose many security algorithms for data destruction. The program can write a combination of ones and zeroes, or any characters, onto any sector of your hard drive. We designed a simple, user-friendly interface, but the program is very professional and powerful with many valuable security features. There is no need to overwrite the entire free disk space, which usually takes hours. With this program, everything will be done very quickly.

    Army Standards

    Many security algorithms from the basic ones to military standards. It's not just simple deletion, it's an algorithm of destruction.


    Nobody will be able to track your activity. Even after deletion, there is no chance.


    The deleted files will be unrecoverable, so your information remains physically secure. Even powerful magnets cannot recovery anything.

    Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10