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    SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2017 v5.4.135 X86 X64

    The premier Windows PowerShell

    integrated scripting and tool-making

    environment available

    The updated ribbon UI makes it even

    easier to work with your scripts

    You can customize your panel layouts

    for the way YOU work or use one of

    several predefined layouts

    Quickly change font size with a handy

    font size slider

    Use our function explorer to rapidly

    navigate to any function, event or


    Change the name of a function or

    event and it will propagate

    throughout your script

    Our Object browser quickly connects

    you with PowerShell cmdlets, .NET

    WMI, databases or files

    Use Snippets to instantly add

    predefined and tested script segments

    to your work

    And work faster due to our

    performance enhancements and reduced

    load times

    Work the way YOU want with PowerShell

    Unpack and install

    Block "PowerShell Studio.exe" with

    your firewall solution

    Do not enter anything to "SAPIEN ID" and "Password"

    Use our keygen to generate a valid "License no"



    x64 Bit System


    تحميل من سرفر البوابة


    x32 Bit System