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    QuoVadis Multilingual

    QuoVadis 7.x MultiLanguage | 60 MB

    QuoVadis 7, our milestone to maps, GPS-navigation and tour planning it is done! A new release of our software, QuoVadis 7, is available. This version is a consistent further development of QV6 and offers many small and some major improvements. Many new functions are built in according to customer suggestions. QV6 users can upgrade quickly and easily while preserving all data and settings.

    Some highlights of QuoVadis 7

    Support of integrated GPS receivers which are implemented in recent win7/8 devices as sensors

    quicker zoom in QBR maps at low resolution (eg whole map).

    improved 3D display

    direct import of unsupported formats via GPSBabel

    serial numbers uninstall to transfer installation to a new computer

    routing and navigation for trucks with the optional NAVTEQ Truck Map

    Typ file support for Garmin completely rewritten for direct typ file use from QuoVadis and up

    customizable dashboard in GPS online mode

    file and fTP polling for multi-tracking position info

    import of online webmaps in tile format is now self configurable

    overlay calibration and enhanced mass calibration

    advanced filtering and search functions

    creating corridors of tracks and polylines (Power User)

    support for multi-user network application with optional Valentina Database Server (Power User)

    New updated "General names database", download for free

    and much more