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    Ekattor School Management System is the most complete and versatile school management system on envato market. Ekattor provides the most advanced backend erp with a frontend school website, a wordpress plugin, an android app and an ios app. Whatever platform you want to use, Ekattor has got your back.

    Frontend School Website
    The notices from backend erp
    Event List
    The events that are created by admin from frontend settings
    School Gallery
    The galleries with images which are allowed by admin to show on the website
    Admission form
    A simple admission form for offline/manual admission
    Teacher Profiles
    Teacher profiles with their contact info
    Contact Page
    Page for viewers from where they can contact the school administration

    Demo link: *

    Download link: *

    If you like it, don't forget to support the developer, it's very cheap.

    شكرا لك اخي. هل يمكن ان اجد عندك الاصدار رقم 6 او 6.1


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