البرنامج الرسومي Corel Painter 2015 v14 X32

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    • Sep 2018
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    من اشهر برامج الرسم بالريشة أو الفرشاة ويبدو انه راح يصير فوتوشوب تاني قريبا

    Corel Painter 2015

    طريقة التفعيل

    1. Close internet connection. IMPORTANT

    2. Run KEYGEN - select "Corel Painter 2015" in programs section.

    Generate a serial. (IMPORTANT : Do not change it till the end of process)

    * Check the pictures in "Activation pictures" folder.

    3. Install application by double clicking "CorelPainter2015_x64.exe"

    (with admin rights)

    a. Select "I have a serial number"

    b. Uncheck the box "Automatic updates..."

    c. Enter the serial from keygen to application.

    4. a. Open application by selecting "Other Activation Options"

    b. Select "Contact Corel" option.

    c. Copy Installation Code to keygen. (Form: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)

    d. Click on "Generate Activation Code" in keygen.

    e. Copy Activation Code to application

    5. Stop Corel's internet connection with your firewall.

    ** Your antivirus may warn you about keygen. Ignore it if happens, it is

    false positive.

    Thanks to Team CORE

    [ChingLiu] August 13, 2014


    x32 Bit System