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    PTGui Pro 10.0.15 Retail

    PTGui Pro 10x -- 11.7 MB

    PTGui is panoramic stitching software for Windows. Originally developed as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools (hence the name), PTGui now is a full featured photo stitching application.


    PTGui can stitch multiple rows of images

    Create 360 degree cylindrical panoramas, 'flat' partial panoramas and even spherical 360x180 degree panoramas

    No need to keep the camera level: PTGui can stitch rotated and tilted images

    Virtually unlimited output size: create Gigapixel panoramas from hundreds of images!

    Layered output allows full control over the final stitched result

    PTGui stitches most panoramas fully automatically, but at the same time provides full manual control over every single parameter. This enables stitching of 'difficult' scenes, where other programs fail.

    Full 16 bit workflow for best image quality

    Automatic stitching: create panoramas with just a few mouse clicks

    Manual mode: full control over the final result

    Live preview: instantly see the effect of different settings, without the need to stitch first

    Multi row panoramas: images can be stacked both horizontally and vertically

    Stitch rotated and tilted images

    Create HUGE panoramas: stitch hundreds of images into a gigapixel panorama

    Support for jpeg, tiff and png source images

    Create panoramas in jpeg, tiff or Photoshop format

    Photoshop large document (.psb) support

    Layered Photoshop output, ideal for retouching

    Full support for 16 bit images, for the best image quality

    Panorama editor: interactive adjustment of the panorama perspective

    Create templates with frequently used settings

    QTVR ouput: directly create a QTVR panorama in PTGui, or convert an existing panorama into QTVR format

    Batch stitcher: prepare any number of panoramas and stitch them later without user intervention.

    Support for multiple processors / multiple core computers

    Stitch and blend HDR source images into an HDR panorama

    Stitch and blend bracketed LDR source images into an HDR panorama

    Calculate camera response curve from bracketed LDR source images

    Built in tone mapper

    Support for OpenEXR (.exr) and HDR Radiance (.hdr) source images

    Blend Priority parameter (useful for blending the nadir image in a spherical panorama)

    Viewpoint correction

    Vignetting, exposure and white balance correction

    Global adjustment of exposure and white balance

    Exposure Fusion

    OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8

    Language : English



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