Design a Magazine and Learn InDesign!

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    Design a Magazine and Learn InDesign

    Duration: 1h 44m| Size: 1,08 GB

    If you always wanted to design your own magazine then this class is for you. You do not have to be an expert in InDesign to follow along with this class. I move at a steady pace and make sure those who have little experience with InDesign feel at home.

    We will start from scratch in InDesign and develop a magazine front cover, the index page, several articles and spreads, and a back page. We will then learn to export our file so we can get it professionally printed or have an online digital version.

    We will learn how to automatically style and number pages using master pages, so we never have to manually number pages again. We will also learn character and paragraph styles, so you can apply the same style of type and alignment across all of your text.