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    برنامج تكبير أو عمل زوم للصور أو جزء من الصورة بنسبة تصل الى 1000% مع الحفاظ على جودتها

    STOIK Smart Resizer v3.0.1.4918

    STOIK Smart Resizer -- 9.5 Mb

    Stoik Smart Resizer software - Powerful and smart Windows photo image resizer program!Enlarge images, print huge enlargements or upload to demanding stock agencies! The intelligent picture resizing tool allows to change image size: reduce or enlarge digital picture size up to 1000% without losing quality.

    Whether you are printing big enlargements or creating tiny thumbnails, the images will maintain their crispness and fine detail.


    Ratio de détection : 7 / 47