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    برنامج لحماية الهارد دسك او البارتشن بالكامل حتى بارتشن النظام C يمنع الدخول والقراءة او الكتابة على ملفات النظام والبرامج بتشفير عالي الحماية


    idoo Full Disk Encryption v1

    idoo Full Disk Encryption offers encryption for all hard

    disks, including the system disk. The password protects hard

    disks, system disk and operating system, and the grogram

    disables any unauthorized reading or writing, or any

    unauthorized access to your system or specific disks or

    files. It is a hard disk encryption software which provides

    automatic security for all information stored in hard drives,

    including user data, operating system files, temporary and

    erased files. For maximum data protection, the authentication

    before launch the system ensures the user identity, and

    prevents data breach even been lost or stolen.

    حجم البرنامج 1MB

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    برنامج حماية الهاردسك او البارتشن بكلمة سر idoo Full Disk Encryption 2.0.0