أروع برنامج لعمل الالبومات وتركيب الصور LumaPix FotoFusion 5.4

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    برنامج قوي جدا وبميزات مذهلة لعمل البومات الصور وتحويل الصيغ وحتى تحويل الصور الى PDF والتعامل مع مجموعات الصور وليس بالضرورة كل صورة ولوحدها

    ويصلح كأداة للاستخدام المنزلي، واستوديوهات التصميم الاحترافية وإعادة التنظيم، حفظ توازن اللون للصورة
    وبناء صور مركبة في وحدة واحدة من أي حجم وعمل البومات صور الأفراح والمناسبات

    يسمح للمستخدمين اختيار قوالب جاهزة أو استخدام أدوات آلية لاختيار تركيبة فريدة من نوعها تتألف من عدد وافر من الصور وتجهيز المشروع ورفعه على الانترنت كصفحة HTML او تجهيزها للطباعة ويمكن سحب الصور من الماسح الضوئي لانجاز المشاريع ودمج الصور وتركيبها مع بعضها أو منفردة والكثير الكثير جدا من الميزات


    LumaPix FotoFusion 5.4 Build 100770 Extreme Edition Final

    FotoFusion – a great tool for creating collages and albums from your digital photos. The program instantly perekonvertiruet chosen photos in unique photo collage, and provide you with elegant tools for further editing. You can share finished collage to friends and family via email, and through its publication as a web album. You can also print ready materials.

    FotoFusion can be regarded as a tool for home use, and design studios. The program works quickly and allows you to create photo projects of the highest quality.

    LumaPix FotoFusion EXTREME 5.5 instantly converts selected images into a unique photo collage, and then provides elegant tools to crop, reorganization, save the color balance. No wonder why professional photographers use it FotoFusion, to build composite images in a single unit of any size (art collage), from the simple to the wall of portraits album instead hulking huge image editors. Unique, stunning user interface allows you to do it much faster and makes tedious tasks with images in a real pleasure.

    The users allowed to choose templates or use automated tools for the selection of unique compositions consisting of a plurality of images, which will increase the quality of the results. All works can be sent by e-mail clients with applied water marks, uploaded to a remote server, or placed in an online gallery, and using custom HTML styles built into the existing shell websites or printed with a higher resolution.

    Key features

    o- AutoTools – fully automated tool that allows a few clicks to create your own, beautiful collages and photo from the set of models (templates).

    o- Projects – a step by step guide to creating a project by using a set of templates and print areas. Projects can be fully digital, or combine your photos from the scanner with digital output.

    o- Laying out pages – templates that will help you to print on a special paper size, such as cutting sheets album pages or labels, to create a high quality outcome for your projects on photographic paper.

    o- **********s – **********s for digital and paper layouts, many of which can be customized and changed dynamically. For example, you can add a smart frame, crop photos, or add a multi-tag with the text.

    o- Creating pages – just add your photo and place them the way you like by changing the position, the angle, size, etc.

    o- Ready-made templates – a layout of albums containing photographs and samples of the order placement. These include the album in the style page, projects, family history, and professional templates, such as wedding, Mr. card classical composite materials and nastennyu portraits.

    o- Sets additions – a diverse collection of additional items you can add and edit your looking, suitable for the creation of the album.