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    VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21

    VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21 -- 20.7 Mb

    Looking at the pure night sky we used to admire the wonderful view of moon disk. It may appear before us in all its beauty… It may hide in the shade of Earth partly… But it is always beautiful. Almost everyone knows that the Moon is able to influence not just flood and ebb, but the state of health of the habitant of our planet (people, plants, animals i.e. all alive organisms). Besides, it influences different other things. Most probably majority of people had heard about moon calendar. But do all know what is it? Why do we need it? For a long time, during many thousands of years, a man observed the nature and its behavior, seasons, different nature phenomenon and tried to find the laws of nature and regularities. Omens appeared in such way. Trying to find answers for different questions people resorted to the help of heavenly bodies. One of the most significant of them is Moon, of cause. It was proved that the phases of Moon influence many processes on the Earth. So, taking into account all the knowledge received during many years, it was created Moon calendar. What can it help in?


    Geographical moon phases calculation

    Moon phases interpretation General Characteristic of the Day and Born this day

    Hair Care readings

    Business & Finances readings

    Gardening with lunar calendar readings

    Health & Nutrition readings

    Mood readings

    Wedding readings

    Graphical calendar

    Modern easy to use interface

    System requirements

    Windows 10/8/7 (32 and 64)

    Internet connection (for startup activation)



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