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    وظيفة البرنامج انشاء اختصارات للكيبورد وتفيد الاشخاص الذين لديهم اعمال تتطلب اعادة نفس الأوامر او تشغيل ملفات من نوع معين بكثرة وذلك بانشاء اختصار بأزرار الكيبورد لتشغيل البرنامج المطلوب بسرعه

    Perfect Hotkey 2.0 Multilingual

    Perfect Hotkey 2.0 Multilingual | 3.6 Mb

    Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again? Do you open the same program, then start another utility to help with that program, time after time, day after day? Are you visiting the same websites, or checking your email so many times a day that you lose count? Do you type the same text information so often that you could do it in your sleep? Now Perfect Hotkey make everything easy and simple. Perfect Hotkey is a powerful hotkey managing and overriding utility for Windows. Perfect Hotkey lets you hide programs and windows, instantly shutdown, restart or logoff, insert canned messages, open unlimited amounts of websites, programs, games, files, folders, drives. All with your keyboard.


    Create and manage your canned messages for any programs.

    Open your favorite websites without you starting your browser.

    Run your programs without you having to find them in the start menu, desktop or folders.

    Close, minimize, maximize windows with a single key, without clicking on anything.

    Hide any program, game, video, picture with a single key.

    Shutdown or restart your computer in less than a second.

    Open any program, website, game, file, folder, drive, music, video, document, image anywhere, anytime without finding, clicking or opening it.

    And much more…





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