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    برنامج محرر نصوص لغات البرمجة html و css للمبرمجين والمطورين ويدعم نسخ ولصق وتعديل الصور مباشرة من الحافظة. سيتم حفظ الصورة تلقائيا.

    DA-Software MarkdownEditor 1.0.1 Bilanguage

    DA-Software MarkdownEditor 1.0.1 Bilanguage | 1.8 MB

    A complete Markdown editor for Windows. Edit and create Markdown files with DA-MarkDownEditor. Many convenient functions help you in the editing process. For example add images directly from the clipboard, without manually saving them.

    The integrated preview shows every edit you make in real time. Export the Markdown file to HTML format.

    Edit and Create Markdown files

    Access all editor functions with shortcuts. Syntax highlighting. Easy creation of Markdown without knowing the entire syntax.

    Automatic preview and export

    Every change is automatically shown in the integrated preview. Preview and export to the HTML format. Automatic scrolling.

    Editable CSS templates

    For exporting and previewing different templates are integrated into the application. You can change and adapt them. Switch between the templates for different exports.

    Macro functions

    Macro functions for dynamic content, like table of contents, date and time.

    Paste images from clipboard

    Paste and edit images directly from the clipboard. The image will be saved automatically saved


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