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    برنامج يوفر مجموعة ادوات للمبرمجين والمطورين في حزمة كاملة للاعمال الحرة وللشركات لانتاج البرمجيات

    Infopulse PACE Suite v4.1

    Sequence or directly edit App-V

    packages of any complexity smoothly

    bring installation packages authoring

    and modifying to a new level of

    comfort and repack original software

    installations to MSI packages

    PACE Suite is an all-in-one packaging

    solution that facilitates the fast

    deployment of projects of all sizes

    Tailored for freelancers and large

    development companies alike, it

    provides the tools needed to create

    software packages and manage future

    updates with ease, with minimum

    intervention from the end client s side



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