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    برنامج لأتمتة المهام الإدارية بالكمبيوتر مع اكثر من 250 الف سطر أوامر جاهزة للاستخدام توفر الكثير من الجهد والوقت على المستخدم وبواجهة رسومية بسيطة وسهلة الفهم


    Automise | 34.3 MB

    More than 250,000 PCs rely on Automise to automate administrative tasks. You don't need to concoct scripts & batch files to automate Windows administration. Automise packages hundreds of pre-written scripts into a drag-and-drop graphical interface.

    Graphical Interface

    Automise's graphical interface has been carefully crafted to balance functionality with usability. System Administrators will find automating Windows tasks in the structured graphical interface a breath of fresh air compared to scripts and batch files.

    350+ Actions

    Automise includes hundreds of pre-written scripts, called actions. Actions can automate file transfers; file and folder archiving; interacting with files & directories; administering Windows; and much more. You just fill in the details and Automise will do the rest.

    Flow Control

    Automise features Try/Catch/Finally actions which enable you to use structured exception handling in Windows automation projects. It also provides If Then, Else, Switch/Case and Loop actions for controlling the flow of your project’s execution.

    OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

    Language : English



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