برنامج منظم المهام والنشاط MSD Organizer 13.2 + Portable

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    برنامج تنظيم المهام والانشطة اليومية للافراد والشركات لتخطيط الأنشطة اليومية، وإدارة التعيينات، والحفاظ على السيطرة على المهام، وإدارة الاتصالات، وإدارة وتأليف اللوائح وتدوين الملاحظات والحفاظ على اليوميات الشخصية والمهنية.

    MSD Organizer 13.2 + Portable

    MSD Organizer 13.x + Portable | 9.8/12.9 MB

    MSD Organizer is a powerful, easy-to-use and secure organizer software for any home user, professional, entrepreneur or company who wants to use a personal software to plan daily activities, manage appointments, keep control of tasks, manage contacts, manage to do lists, take notes and keep a personal and professional diary.

    Many thousands of users worldwide are using it daily. Give it a try and we are sure that MSD Organizer will become the most important program in your computer and definitely your favorite PIM software.

    Why Should You Use MSD Organizer?

    Paying a really small amount of money you will get a magnificent and useful organizer software with free upgrades for life!!!

    It will help you to organize your personal and professional life easily. You will never forget an important event in your life.

    A full-featured Contact Manager will allow you to be in contact with your family, friends and professional contacts.

    It will allow you to find the information you need in a breeze, just when you need it, and for many years to come.

    It will save you a lot of time and headaches when you need to find any specific information.

    It will free your mind of daily worries, giving you the peace of mind to be more productive.

    For all these reasons we are serious when we say that, if you give it a try, MSD Organizer will become the most important program in your computer. Just play with it and enjoy!!!

    OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8

    Language : English



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