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    السلام عليكم

    برنامج خفيف لسرعة الوصول الى الملفات وتشغيلها خصوصا للتشغيل المباشر من الفلاشات الذاتية الاقلاع ( البوتبل )

    Launcher 3.7 Multilanguage

    Launcher 3.7 Multilanguage | 1.3 Mb

    It is an alternative startup bar, which displays files of all kinds, and starts with 'single mouse click'.

    Other Features:

    Small, fast and resource-conserving. Therefore, the minimum requirement for the existing hardware.

    Uninstaller or as a simple zip file for the experienced user.

    Runs independently of the specified drive letters. The perfect solution for all bootable media. (USB sticks, etc.)

    Provides a visually appealing and intuitive operation with a continuously variable window size in impressive superfine quality!

    Essentially more elegant and also significantly faster than the often very crowded Windows Start menu.

    Evaluates all existing links correctly including possible parameters and allows for their own names.

    Very flexible and easy arrangement of your own symbols. The window can be positioned freely on the desktop and 'docks' to the screen edges if desired. (Ala Winamp)

    Obviously correct display of the new Windows XP & Vista icons in all resolutions, including the 32-bit alphanumeric.

    Various possibilities to leave the window to 'fold', to hide, always to the foreground and to 'AutoHide' slide out of the screen. This way: never get in the way!

    Freely adjustable transparency of the window with effective 'open' and 'fade' (On Hover & On Activate)

    Language : English,Deutsch,Francais





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