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    البرنامج لعمل سواقة وهمية لتشغيل البرامج التي لا تعمل إلا بادخال السيدي الاساسي مما يتيح لك تشغيل الألعاب والتطبيقات والأقراص المدمجة وأقراص الفيديو الرقمية ويمكن عمل اسطوانات وهمية بعدد يصل الى 23 اسطوانة وهمية لتشغيلها فيما بعد بدون السيدي او الدفيدي الاصلي وبشكل اسرع 200 مرة من التشغيل المباشر من القرص بسبب سرعة الوصول الى البيانات الاقوى والافضل مما يوفر الجهد على الجهاز ويجعل تشغيل الالعاب والبرامج خفيف وسريع وايضا يطيل عمر بطارية اللابتوب بشكل واضح.

    البرنامج بنسختيه البروفشينال والنتورك

    FarStone VirtualDrive Network v15.01


    FarStone VirtualDrive Pro v15.01

    FarStone VirtualDrive Pro v15.02 Build 20130715 -- 29.1 MB

    FarStone VirtualDrive Pro is a CD emulation utility that creates disc images, or “virtual CDs” from game and application CDs and DVDs. This enables you to run games and applications without the physical disc loaded in a CD/DVD-ROM drive. Your virtual CDs (VCDs) run in any one of up to 23 “virtual drives” that you configure in the software and that appear as drive letters in Windows Explorer. VirtualDrive Pro also includes a full version of Virtual Hard Drive, a RAM disk drive utility that functions like an extra hard drive on your computer, only much faster and without wear and tear on physical parts.

    Archive your virtual CDs in a searchable library, transport them on a laptop computer, or share them over a network. Virtual CDs play directly on the hard drive, saving wear and tear on your CD-ROM drive and extending the battery life of laptop computers. They have access speeds nearly 200 times faster than CD-ROM counterparts, greatly improving the performance of PC games, photo CDs, and disc-based applications.

    What’s New for VirtualDrive Pro v15?

    VirtualDrive has been helping hundreds of thousands people to emulate, play, burn, copy, and share CD/DVD/BD since 1996. VirtualDrive 15 supports Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and provides touch screen flow user interface to further ease the usage.

    - Support Windows 8 and Windows 2012

    - Enhanced cover flow and user interface

    - Touch screen support

    - Support Blu-ray (UDF 2.6 ISO)

    - Doesn’t require administrator privilege

    - Support Win PAD, Ultrabook and Netbook

    VirtualDrive Features:

    Recommended gear by pro gamers

    - Play CD/DVD games at blazing speed

    Ideal for PC without CD/DVD drive

    - Best add-on for Ultrabook, netbook and laptop user without a CD/DVD drive

    Innovative Display Mode

    - Cover flow UI provides an intuitive visual interface to manage virtualized CD/DVD/Blu-ray cabinets

    Touch screen support

    - Enlarged icons makes the program easy to use with touch screen

    CD/DVD/BD Burning

    - Make backup copies of your favorite game CD preventing damage or lost.


    حجم البرنامج 28MB

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