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    برنامج اخر لادارة الفنادق والغرف والنزلاء و وجبات الطعام كالافطار و وجبات الغداء والموعيد وخلافه


    iMagic Kennel Reservation v1.32

    Managing reservations in a

    hotel or bed and breakfast

    create a dilemma, spend time

    the administrative tasks or

    spend time making sure your

    customers are satisfied and

    happy. Our hotel reservation

    software takes the burden away

    by automatically performing

    many of those tasks for you.

    iMagic Hotel Reservation is a

    unique and simple to use

    that you can use on your

    computer. It's been

    specifically designed to

    time spent on all of the

    administrative tasks performed

    everyday. At each point during

    a reservation, from booking,

    adding additional charges to

    checkout it saves you tim

    حجم البرنامج 12MB

    الرابط مباشر من سرفر البوابة للاعضاء فقط