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    برنامج تعبئة وحفظ البيانات والباسوردات كي لا نضطر لكتابتها وتذكرها في كل مرة

    AI Roboform Enterprise


    AI RoboForm is a push-button web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside. AI RoboForm allows you to define your personal profile or “usual” responses to a web form. This information is then saved within AI RoboForm, and when you need to fill a form, just click “Fill Forms” button, and form is filled out. Being fully client-based AI RoboForm can be very fast, it never disables web site functions and AI RoboForm can also work in pop-up HTML windows. The most important feature of AI RoboForm is high accuracy – it fills 95% of all fields correctly


    AutoSave passwords in browser

    AutoFill passwords to login form

    Click Login button for you

    Fill personal info into online forms

    Save offline passwords & notes

    Generate Secure Random Passwords

    Encrypt passwords and personal info using 3-DES

    All personal info is stored on your computer only

    Put passwords on USB KeyChain for extra security

    Sync your passwords and safenotes to a Palm

    Backup & Restore, Print your passwords

    What's New in version

    (November 11th, 2014)

    Sync: fix not including some files into sync due to include *.rfp filter.

    Sync: do not require One Time Password for background syncing of usage info.

    Sync: fix One Time Password did not work, if WinInet option is used.

    Add 'RoboForm > Sync > Manage RoboForm Everywhere Account' command to RoboForm menu.

    Sync: OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.1j, to fix recently vulnerabilities such as Poodle.

    Installer: fix RF installer shows too big icon for Chrome 64 bit on Close Applications.

    Installer: increase waiting time before showing Force Close buttons.

    Fix some random crashes related to closing of RF popup windows.

    Chrome + Basic Auth: fix not attaching to basic auth window in some 2-window cases.

    Chrome + Basic Auth: fix crash when BA window appears on site with invalid cert.

    Chrome + Basic Auth: fix not showing AutoSave for Basic Auth.

    Fix RF extension is not added to Yandex browser if Google Chrome is not installed.

    Chrome: fix clicking on Minimize button in Chrome can trigger AutoSave in BA window.

    Chrome 38+: fix RF does not install Chrome extension if it was previously removed via Chrome->Settings.

    Chrome + High DPI Screen: fix texts are too small in RF dropdown menus.

    Firefox: fix RF may fail to detect Firefox installtion in some cases.

    Firefox: fix RF does not install extension into Firefox ESR.

    Firefox 33+, RF2Go: fix RF2Go does not attach to Firefox 33 and later.

    Editor: add shortcuts: Ctrl+Backspace to delete a word back, Ctrl+Delete to delete a next word.

    Editor: fix keys in search box: Home/End first/last position, Ctrl+Home/End: first/last item.


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