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    برنامج لتصفية الصور وازالة الشوائب وأي أثار غير مرغوبة بالوجوه

    PT Portrait 4.0.1 Studio Edition + Portable

    Gain the unexpected portrait retouching results with an easy way. Quickly remove skin blemishes such as acnes, moles, redness, etc. Dramatically reduce wrinkles, skin blotchiness and deep pores. Maintain nature skin texture so the portrait doesn't look over retouched.

    Skin smoothing & enhancement

    Smooth skin, fine facial shine and enhance skin tone to give the portrait a professional look.

    Features enhancement

    Remove red - eye, enhance eyes and eyebrows instantly. Whiten teeth and make lips look more vivid.

    Face reshaping

    Reshape face, eyes, nose and mouth simply by moving sliders. Give the portrait a better look.

    Full-body skin perfection

    With the skin brush you can customize the skin area easily to perfect all visible skin, not just the facial area.

    Image color correction

    Remove color casts and adjust overall image color to restore a real photographic scene.

    Formats supported

    - Support importing file in these formats: Bitmap, JPEG, 24/48-bit TIFF, Camera RAW and Adobe DNG.

    - Support saving as TIFF and JPEG.

    OS : Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

    Language : English



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