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    السلام عليكم

    برنامج جرافيتي الكتابة على الجدران 3D مع الفلاتر ويمكن رسم الخرائط والانعكاس والرسوم البيانية وميزات كثيرة جدا

    Boris Graffiti 6.6 With Plugins

    Boris Graffiti 6.6 With Plugins -- 817 MB

    Graffiti gives editors tons of options for creating resolution independent vector titles; title rolls, crawls, and fades; a 3D compositing environment that supports multiple text elements; a custom spline shape generator; built-in blend modes and motion blur, and much more. Work on newscasts, reality shows or documentaries? You'll love the library browser with hundreds of lower third templates

    Quickly create your own titles or pick from 100s of presets and styles

    Key Features

    RFT and ASCII Text Import

    EPS Import and Extrusion

    Advanced Type-on and Jitter effects

    Text on a Path

    Automated rolls, crawls, fades, and zooms

    75+ Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete filters

    2D and 3D chart generator with import feature

    3D User-modifiable Spline Primitive Shapes

    3D Text with Textures, Reflection Mapping, Materials, and Lights

    Gradient Generator

    Vector Paint System

    New Supported Hosts

    Pinnacle 17 & 18

    Lightworks 12



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