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    Digital Image Auto Rotate and Edit 2x Pro Plus

    Digital Image Auto Rotate and Edit 2x Pro Plus -- 27 MB

    Digital Image Auto Rotate & Edit is a professional application designed to correct your digital photos' orientation if it finds it incorrect Allows you to automatically resize large amount of images at a click press! Allows you to create customized border/frame to your images Allows you to add your customized signature to the images so people will know you are the owner of that photo

    Here are some key features of Digital Image Auto Rotate & Edit

    Automatically corrects images that have incorrect orientation

    Option to resize images to a specific resolution or by percentage (High Quality resize!)

    Fast processing performance

    Allows you to right click a folder in Windows Explorer and select Auto Rotate Images

    Supports various types of image files

    Allows you to add customized border/frame to your pictures

    Allows you to add your own customized signature to the pictures You can even add an layered image as your signature at any position of the original image



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