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    Huntersoft WinDriver Ghost 3.12 Enterprise

    Huntersoft WinDriver Ghost 3.12 Enterprise Multilingual -- 2 Mb

    WinDriver Ghost utility for backup set in the operating system drivers. Allows rapidly if necessary to restore all the drivers (eg, after reinstalling the system), as well as find the most recent version of the required drivers. Creates self-extracting archive (in the form of exe-file) and allows you reinstall the operating system is literally one click to restore all the drivers needed to work. However, be allowed to back up (or restore), not all but only part of the drivers ...


    Automatic Driver Update Feature.

    Automatic Driver Extraction and Re-Creation Feature.

    Stand-along EXE Installer Creation Feature.

    Advanced Driver Removal Feature.

    New Hardware Installation Wizard Feature.

    English, French, Chinese Interface and Document Available.

    Comprehensive Help and Online Support



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