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    برنامج تصميم الويب او مواقع الانترنت مثل مواقع الالعاب ومواقع المدارس والمواقع الشخصية ويزودك البرنامج بمكتبات جاهزة من مستلزمات التصميم والصور المتحركة لتلبية كافة الاحتياجات لمختلف انواع المواقع

    MAGIX Web Designer 12 Premium Win x64

    Present your Let’s Plays, game characters, fan artwork or hard-earned achievements on your own website.

    You can drag and drop fantastic designs together exactly the way you want no programming necessary.

    You can even set up a team calendar and forum with the help of widgets.

    With over 50 Premium features to create your own space on the Internet there’s no limit to the creative possibilities! In addition to real gaming websites, you can also use Web Designer Premium to make websites for your family, organization, school or business.

    Easily create your own custom websites

    Huge content catalog with freely configurable website templates,elements and effects

    Create vector graphics using your own logos

    Direct integration of screenshots, Let’s Play videos and sounds

    Lots of widgets for integrating YouTube, Facebook, etc.

    Website password protection

    Optimal display for your website on smartphones, tablets etc.

    Collaborative editing in the Online Designer

    Highlights of the new Premium version

    40 new micro animations to make objects turn, fly into view or jiggle

    30 new scroll animations

    Parallax scrolling: Website foreground and background optically

    separate from each other when you scroll.

    New and improved sticky elements: Fixed items that stay visible on the page when the user scrolls down

    Intelligent photo grids for sharing fan art and in-game or real life photos

    Includes 2,000 MB webspace and your own domain



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