Python 3 Programming: Beginner to Pro Masterclass

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    Python 3 Programming: Beginner to Pro Masterclass

    | Size: 13.13 GB | Duration: 22.5 hours
    Learn Python 3 with more than 100 Practical Exercises and 20 Hands-on Practical Projects

    We are on a mission to create the most complete Python programming guide in the World.

    From Python basics to techniques used by pros, this masterclass provides you with everything you need to start building and applying Python.

    “Python Beginner to Pro Masterclass” is our flagship Python course that delivers unique learning with 3 immersive courses packed into 1 easy-to-learn package:

    First, prepare yourself by learning the basics and perfect your knowledge of the language with a beginner to pro Python programming course.

    Next, build on your knowledge with a practical, applied and hands-on Python course with over 20 real-world applications problems and 100 coding exercises to help you learn in a practical, easy and fun way. These will be invaluable projects to showcase during future job interviews!

    Finally, push your boundaries with a data science and machine-learning course covering practical machine learning applications using Python. Dive into real-life situations and solve real-world challenges.

    So, why is Python the golden programming language these days? And what makes it the best language to learn today?

    Python ranks as the number one programming language in 2018 for five simple reasons that are bound to change the shape of your life and career:

    (1) Easy to learn: Python is the easiest programming language to learn. In fact, at the end of this single course, you’ll be able to master Python and its applications regardless of your previous experience with programming.

    (2) High Salary: Did you know that the average Python programmer in the U.S. makes approximately $116 thousand dollars a year? With “Python 3 Beginning to Pro Masterclass” you’re setting yourself for up for increased earning potential that can only rise from here.

    (3) Scalability: It’s true, Python is easy to learn. But it’s also an extremely powerful language that can help you create top-tier apps. In fact, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify are all built using Python.

    (4) Versatility: What’s more, Python is by far the most versatile programming language in the world today! From web development to data science, machine learning, computer vision, data analysis and visualization, scripting, gaming, and more, Python has the potential to deliver growth to any industry.

    (5) Future-proof Career: The high demand and low supply of Python developers make it the ideal programming language to learn today. Whether you’re eyeing a career in machine learning or artificial intelligence, learning Python is an invaluable investment in your career.

    Who this course is for:
    -Anyone who wants to learn Python.
    -Beginners who have just started to learn Python
    -Professionals who want to learn Python through Real World Applications
    -Professionals who want to obtain particular skill, such as Web Scraping, Working With Databases, Build Websites, etc

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