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    Benthic Software Golden 6.2.661

    query and scripting tool for Oracle databases

    Benthic Software Golden v6.x (x86 / x64) -- 4.7 MB / 5.4 MB

    Golden is a query and scripting tool for Oracle databases. It features close compatibility with SQLPLus' scripting conventions including variable prompting and bind variable syntax. Easily build SQL statements with the SQLBuilder and popup helper lists. Directly export to Excel or Open Office calc or a number of different file formats. Includes the ImpExp Import/Export program.

    Supported Client Operating systems: Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Terminal Server/Citrix, 64bit (with 32bit Oracle Client Installed.)

    Supports Oracle 8 11g, SQLNet 2.x Net11 (including 'Instant Client')

    Full Unicode support

    Client side sorting and filtering

    Export to Excel and Open Office Calc

    Customizable Toolbars

    Edit and run multiple scripts simultaneously

    Support for SQLPlus variable prompting, bind variables (including RefCursor), and calling external scripts with parameter passing.

    Support for EXEC, DESC and CONNECT.

    Support for DBMS Output

    Script and statement timing

    Explain Plan output

    Supported for SQLPlus style SPOOL files

    Editing of single table result sets

    Colored syntax highlighting

    Schema information for pasting into scripts and queries

    Language specific cut and paste for pasting queries into Delphi, VB, ASP, Java, C++, etc.

    A sophisticated ascii import/export that can handle millions of records



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