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    Fieldston Software gSyncit 4.2.268

    gSyncit is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows for the synchronization of Outlook calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks with your Google account In addition, gSyncit also supports synchronization between Outlook and Toodledo, Pocket Informant Online, Evernote, Dropbox, Simplenote and Nozbe


    ONE and TWO WAY syncing of Outlook calendars, contacts, notes and tasks

    Sync with Google, Dropbox, Simplenote, Toodledo, Evernote, Nozbe and Pocket Informant

    Sync with multiple Outlook profiles and service accounts (eg multiple Google accounts)

    Automatically matches entries to prevent duplicate items when syncing

    Automatically sync items on a regular interval, between certain hours of the day, and/or when Outlook starts/exits

    Detailed sync options to control how and what you want to sync

    Keyword and Outlook category filters to control the Outlook content you want to sync

    Advanced options to sync Outlook items based on categories

    Supports syncing tasks that follow the Getting Things Done! (GTD) methodology

    OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8



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