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    Advanced Password Manager Multilingual

    Advanced Password Manager Multilingual -- 7.0 MB

    Advanced Password Manager is a tool to help you organize your passwords in one vault across browsers. You have to load these passwords only once and lock them securely using a master key. So you just have to remember the master key you created.

    How can someone steal your identity?


    Someone may gain access to your personal information on your browsers without your knowledge. This will put your personal info at risk.


    A person can easily hack your passwords and can then attempt to access your financial and email accounts to impersonate you.

    Credit Card details

    A person can pretend to be you and can use your credit card details. This will put your assets and other personal information at risk.

    Social Security No

    Someone who stole your identity may ruin your reputation, finances and family, leaving you responsible for damages caused by the theft.

    How Secure is Advanced Password Manager?

    Advanced Password Manager allows you to create a master password for all your accounts. This master password is known to you and not anyone else. Even we don’t know it since it is encrypted on our servers. With its browser add-on installed, auto-filling site credentials is very easy.

    OS : Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP(64 & 32 bit)

    Language : Multilingual



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