برنامج تغير خلفية الويندوز تلقائيا Automatic Wallpaper Changer Plus v1.1

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    برنامج لتبديل خلفية سطح المكتب تلقائيا والبرنامج مفيد لمن يمل من تغير الخلفية كل مدة اكيد يبقى التغير احلى

    Automatic Wallpaper Changer Plus v1.1

    Automatic Wallpaper Changer Plus is a tool to automatically

    change your desktop wallpaper at specified intervals. You

    can select any number of images and even a folder

    containing images to be displayed as wallpaper, and set the

    time interval from every 3 minutes to 6 hours.

    The program is easily accessible from the system tray.

    Supports the following image formats .JPG, BMP, .GIF, . PNG.

    To run Automatic Wallpaper Changer Plus you will need a PC


    Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8

    300 MHz or Faster Processor

    128 MB of RAM

    (Note: Windows 95, 98, ME and NT 4 are not supported)


    Unpack, install, use exe from crack dir, enjoy...