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    Photoscape v3.7

    Most image editors cannot compete with the sharks in the image editing category. As a consequence, they prefer to pack the basic features without sacrificing ease of use, which results in a large crowd of fans. PhotoScape belongs to this category, bundled with the most common image manipulation tools, while preserving a fun and accessible environment.

    Structured and simple-to-handle GUI
    You are required to go through a pretty simple installation process, yet you should be careful, as it offers to download some third-party products. After you finalize it, you are brought to a pretty simple and well-organized interface.

    The main window is minimal and encloses a circle with animated icons which stand for different modules. Clicking on one of these brings you to some pretty familiar windows, regardless of the operation selected. This paired with some comprehensive Help contents ensure that all user categories can handle PhotoScape without facing any kind of difficulties.

    View pictures and edit them, in a single or batch mode
    This program comprises quite a large number of options so that you can easily manage and edit your images. First and foremost, you should know it is possible to use a viewer, packed with a folder structure to help you select images faster.

    In addition to that, take advantage of a pretty basic editor. It lets you resize, crop, rotate and flip items, as well as adjust the brightness, sharpness, backlight and contrast, and apply some of the many effects integrated. This tool also has a counterpart which enables you process multiple files in the same time.

    Create animated GIFs, take snapshots and convert raw formats
    You can also create composites of several images, animated GIFs with custom change time, effect and size, while it is also possible to capture the entire screen, a selected area of it or a specified window.

    Last but not least, you can make use of a color picker, rename multiple pictures in one single session, search for look-alikes on the Internet, and convert raw photos from formats such as DNG, CRW, RAF, NEF, ORF and DCR to one of the most common extensions, namely JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIF.

    Conclusion and performance
    CPU and memory usage is quite low at all times which means that the computer’s performance is not going to suffer because of PhotoScape. Tasks are completed in a timely manner, and there are a lot of them to perform. The interface is suitable to all types of users.

    All things concerned, this piece of software is a pretty efficient and reliable tool to have on your PC, regardless of your experience with computers and especially if you are looking for an app free of complicated options. If you are interested in bypassing the installation process, be sure to check out the portable counterpart, know as Portable PhotoScape.

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