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    TimePC 1.7

    There are times when you must shut down your computer at a particular time, and you do not get it because of your absence. Or when you fall asleep watching a movie late at night lying on the couch. Everything else would be desirable that the computer itself turned on a certain day at a designated time and launched necessary for important tasks application - such as audio player with loud music early in the morning TimePC - free program off and turn on the computer on a given day and a specific time

    TimePC use this feature ACPI (Advanced Configuration interface and power management) as the hibernation - simply put computer into power-saving mode. Most modern computers are able to correctly translate the PC in this mode. If the PC does not support the hibernation mode, the program does not bring the computer out of "deep sleep." If the BIOS settings of the motherboard contains the settings ACPI, but when you shut down your computer (better to say - the transition to hibernation), the fan continues to make a noise, it is necessary in the option ACPI Sleep Time select S3 / STR (there is S1 / POS).


    In order to turn off and turn on the computer on a schedule in the Scheduler program is implemented. On each day of the week you can set the time for automatic switching the computer into hibernation and exit. TimePC automatically start the PC, provided that the program will automatically turn off.

    TimePC 1.7 Ru/En



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