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    Vintager 2016 Portable

    Vintager makes your photo special! This is the first photo editor for the Windows, which offers a variety of effects and successfully replaces the popular apps like Instagram. The program provides more than 30 effects and can one-click photo to improve the ordinary. Vintager simple and intuitive to use, it has a user-friendly interface and does not require any special computer skills. Thanks to its capacity, it can readily replace expensive program for multiple users.

    This program will help to process the photo in vintage style with minimal effort. It works on the principle of mobile photo editors: you just upload the photo into it, apply it to the desired filter, and your photo is ready. Although it is worth noting that in addition to the filter, it has a number of other functions, with which you can take a picture even better.

    Vintager is a photo editor, though it can be used to achieve very beautiful results. In it you will find a number of filters in the retro style, you can apply to photos with one touch. In addition, you can add one of the many frames, or add custom textures blur effect, in order to enhance the effect. All changes are immediately displayed in the picture.

    Even with the help of Vintager you can create beautiful collages from multiple photos. The program offers several schemes collages, allowing to change the location of the photos simply by dragging and dropping. In one collage, you can use a maximum of 5 photos.

    If you do not want to use the entire picture as a whole, the Vintager help trim unnecessary parts. You can manually select the desired part of the photo, or use one of the templates harvested. In addition to this, the software can rotate the photo or flip it.

    Processed photo Vintager can save to disk or immediately post it to Facebook or Flickr. Despite the simplicity of this program, it can help to easily achieve professional results, which will not be ashamed to share with friends or family.

    Features Vintager:

    A lot of filters, effects and settings for editing photos.

    Resize, crop, rotate.

    Add a frame around the photo.

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